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How I Got My Start and How to Get Yours

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

A quick caveat. I am not a recruiter and am positive that there are other ways to start an Amazon career, but these are the ways that I know and am often asked about by readers of my blog, close friends and associates that are transitioning from the military. I am actually writing this article to provide a reference for interested applicants and to answer the tens of questions and inquires that I get on a routine basis.

So now you can immediately go to the links and references below or read about my super strange and fortuitous personal Amazon onboarding story. My story may even offer you a clue to a successful career transition and possibly a few insights into the Amazon interview process. Readers of the blog know that I spent 28+ years in uniform and retired as an Army Colonel. But what readers may not know is that I am an accidental Amazonian.

In early 2018 the great Veteran resource, Hiring our Heroes (link provided below), came to Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA) where I was serving as the Deputy Joint Base Commander. For those of you that do not know JBSA is one of the largest military bases under one command in the world and was a natural fit for me as I had recently completed a Brigade Level Installation Command at the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE). So when Hiring Our Heroes rolled in to town I was excited to sponsor this important transition opportunity with my hundreds and maybe even thousands of perspective Veterans. But to my shock and utter embarrassment the program was under-attended and the only thing that would guarantee a future opportunity for service personnel was my presence and personal participation in the all-day event.

Immediately following my opening remarks and apologies to the organizers I called all group and brigade commanders and reminded them of the event, and then I made the decision that would change my life forever. I decided to print out my old White House Fellow vitae and set the example by interviewing with all the perspective companies. Amazon was one of those companies. After interviewing, B.Clark stated that he had no positions that would be a good fit, but would forward my resume to the Military Pathways team and that they would surely be interested. Interested? “No thank you Sir, I am fully employed, not retiring, have not submitted retirement paperwork and am only doing this…” Suffice to say that the opportunity he presented was too enticing to pass up and I found myself conducting a phone and in person interview within weeks and was hired. Yep, while I still had a real job…the rest is history.

For those of you that may be interested I actually had a video blog that documented the entire abbreviated transition experience that is still on youtube. No link provided, although informative they were absolutely horrible and thus the print blog that I am now doing…!!

Well that is my transition story. I am often asked what do you think about Amazon? Now I refer them to my Blog articles and a few of the websites below. But to be honest these are sites that could have easily been found with a simple Google search. What I think is that people are genuinely looking for me to validate Amazon as a choice. That, I can honestly do. Amazon has been the challenge that I needed to renew the energy of my youth and provide me with a viable second career. No regrets.


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