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Amazon 4 Years and Counting

When I started with Amazon 4 years ago today I had an idea that a second and very meaningful career was possible. I had no idea how challenging, demanding and rewarding it actually would be.

Thank you to my wife who has put up with the moves, long hours and sometimes obsessive behavior...she will know what I mean.

Thank you to my managers who have mentored me and have been receptive to my upwards feedback.

Thank you to all who have at one point either been directly in or tangentially associated with my org. Thanks Marathon team...!!

I am heartened by the fact that the first phase of my experience has reached a crossroads. That Amazon has seen fit to give me a chance to lead my own facility. And that the support that you all have given me remains strong and without question the driving factor in my success.

Thank you...clear eyes, full sleds...!!!

Lee Flemming is a retired Army Colonel currently working at Austin 2 (AUS2) Fulfillment Center in Pflugerville, Texas as the Site Lead. Lee is a 28-year Army Veteran with extensive operations and management experience. The Boots2Amazon series includes regular installments meant to inform and educate Service Members and the public about life after the military and transitioning into employment at Amazon.


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