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Flemming Book Announcement - From Boots 2 Amazon: My Transition to the Best Company in the World

Army veteran launches book to help transitioning Veterans and second career seekers manage their adjustment into successful new career paths

Flemming has a wealth of knowledge from his time in the military to now working with the e-commerce giant, Amazon. He seeks to use his experience to educate people interested in taking a similar path to take the right steps so they can better enjoy their career journey at Amazon or at whatever company they decide is right for them. You will be able to order the book on on 1 August as well as view it on his website as part of his weekly chapter release blog series.

A book to transform and empower

In “From Boots 2 Amazon: My Transition to the Best Company in the World” Flemming shares more about his unique experiences as he transitioned from being in the Army for 28 years to moving into his new career path at Amazon thanks to the Amazon Military Pathway program. It is also very useful for people looking to start a second career in general.

The first section of the book speaks to his journey where he touches on the inspiration his family has provided for him. He is very big on family and has dedicated the book to his parents Lee “Joe” Fleming and Velma F. Moss who he explains worked hard to help him attain a good education and also instilled certain values in him such as family-orientedness, discipline, and the strength of will to not only succeed but to think that anything is possible.

Furthermore, he dedicates the book to his wife Michaela, and daughter Shareice, who he says had to endure years of separation while he served without any complaint.

Part one of the book also describes his vision after leaving the army and some do’s and don'ts he learned early as he made the transition.

Part two of the book speaks more on the transition outlining goals, staying focused, and understanding the power of networking which are critical things people looking to achieve their end goals should understand and embrace to attain positive results.

The last section of the book speaks to the factors that make Amazon stand out and how people can thrive best while working in the company. He highlights the pros of working at one of the best companies in the world, some of the cons, and how best to overcome them to attain success.

The Blog Series

The blog posts that will be done based on the book are just as insightful. People will get to read and learn from each chapter on the blogs on Flemmings's blog site boots2amazon. This is a tremendous opportunity for individuals to access and learn powerful lessons from the book via different platforms.

From Boots 2 Amazon: My Transition to the Best Company in the World is about embracing second chances and the ability to build a career after transitioning from a long career. Flemming also dedicates the book to those he has served with who are battling with mental stress and are looking for opportunities and also to those he served with but will never get to read his book.

For more information visit his website.


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