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Launch Complete DAL3 Officially Joins the Amazon Family

Launching an Amazon Robotics (AR) facility has been the highlight of my Amazon experience thus far. Just shy of two years, currently in my third position and going into my third peak I have found that challenges are readily available and issued at cost in the company. As I mentioned in my initial launch blog, "to illustrate the entire construct of a launch and properly outline what goes into the establishment of an Amazon facility would definitely take more words that I can dedicate...." Oh how true that statement was and I was absolutely surprised with the breadth of technical, operational and strategic requirements it takes to build a facility to compete on the level that is required by Amazon.

Reservations aside I am super excited to report that DAL3 is launch complete and we have a facility that is Amazon compliant and is super capable of winning on any given day. We were the first facility to complete an entire launch under social distancing constraints. We have onboarded thousands of associates. And all departments have had benchmark successes during our eight-week launch test. Finally, as one of two Senior Operations Managers in the Inbound space I am very proud to announce that we were the second most successful AR Inbound launch in the history of Amazon, and we did it while social distancing.

There are tons of people to highlight and there is no way that I can capture all of the required thank yous, but here are the big ones: Hicks Region, Launch Team, FTW6, DFW7, SAT2, HOU2, AR-ODA Team, DAL3 HR, RME, Learning, IT, Non-Inventory, Safety, LP, and all the managers and AAs that have committed themselves meet our customer promise. Thanks and congratulations.

Here we go...!! Let's get it....!!

Lee Flemming, is a retired Army Colonel currently working in Dallas 3 (DAL3) Fulfillment Center in Dallas, Texas as a Military Pathways Senior Operations Manager. 28-year Army Veteran with extensive operations and management experience. The Boots to Amazon series includes regular installments meant to inform and educate Service Members and the public about transitioning into employment at Amazon.

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Velma Moss
Velma Moss
01 авг. 2020 г.

Congratulations on the Launch.


Congratulations on the completed Launch 👍🏻

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